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European right-wing politicians call for 'preserving nation-state in Europe. Voice of America.
Right-wing politicians, academics and campaigners from across Europe gathered in Brussels this week for a two-day National Conservatism Conference that organizers said was aimed at “preserving the nation-state in Europe.”

On holiday with Europe’s right-wingers. POLITICO.Hundreds of European conservatives gathered in Cyprus for a “cultural weekend” that mixed policy discussions, networking and time away from the bureaucratic machine.

Greek Solution: Greece's far right gathers steam before EU elections. France 24.With two months to go before the European elections, the Greek far right continues to make headway since ultranationalist parties achieved record scores in the last legislative elections.

House passes bill that could lead to US ban of TikTok. CNN.A US TikTok ban could set a “radical” precedent for how social media is regulated worldwide, Dr. Georgios Samaras, an assistant professor in public policy at King's College London, says.

Kasselakis, a political unknown and ex-banker, wins race to lead Greek left.  Al Jazeera.Georgios Samaras, assistant professor of public policy at Kings College London, told Al Jazeera that the newcomer’s victory was not necessarily the silver bullet the party was looking for.

Mitsotakis sworn in as Greek PM, promises more jobs and 'big changes'. ABC News.The New Democracy Party's Kyriakos Mitsotakis has been sworn in as PM for a second term after Greece held its second election within weeks.

The Far-Right Just Made a Shock Comeback in Greece. VICE News.
The Spartans – a new far-right party – has been described as a backchannel for a jailed neo-Nazi from the banned Golden Dawn party to exert influence.

Far-right victories in Greece highlight trend across Europe. NBC News. The Spartans, a group linked to the banned neo-Nazi Golden Dawn, won 14 seats in Parliament

Democracy and the Role of Wiretapping in Modern Europe. King’s College London. With the European Parliament Election looming, concerns have been mounting over unresolved instances of illegal spyware usage by governments across Europe such as the prominent case of Greece’s “Predatorgate” scandal, which erupted in the summer of 2022. 

Alexis Tsipras resigns from the leadership of the left-wing party Syriza. Le Monde.The leader of the opposition and former prime minister learns the lessons from his movement's crushing defeat against Kyriakos Mitsotakis' right-wing on June 25th.