Dr Georgios Samaras

Assistant Professor of Public Policy
International School for Government




During the first British lockdown (March - June 2020), I developed a software called Raum using MAX/MSP. My primary goal was to create a visually-driven drum machine that incorporated elements of velocity, tempo, and randomization.

Initially, the result was relatively simple, but as I delved deeper into the coding process, I was able to introduce complex parameters, advanced mixing options, and even a synthesizer module alongside the drum machine. One notable feature of the sampler is its ability to trigger both internal and external sounds, giving users the flexibility to manually integrate sounds into the visual interface on MAX/MSP. As a personal touch, I sampled three sounds from a vintage Roland TR 808 onto tape using a Fostex E16, which are included in the patch.

My inspiration for this project stemmed from Iannis Xenakis and his experimental works, particularly his piece Πιθόπρακτα, which explores calculated variables such as velocity, pressure, temperature, and percussive ventilation. For those interested, the patch is available for free download.

Please note that I strongly recommend upgrading to MAX/MSP 8.3.0 (or a newer version) to ensure proper functionality of this patch.