I developed  Raum on MAX/MSP during the first British lockdown (March - June 2020). It was my real attempt at coding a visual drum machine by exploring aspects of velocity, tempo and randomisation.

The result was quite straightforward in the beginning, but in the process I managed to add complex parameters, advanced mixing options and a synth  module alongside the drum machine. The sampler allows users to trigger internal or external sounds, which can be manually added to the visual interface on MAX/MSP. The patch comes with three sounds sampled by yours truly from a vintage Roland TR 808 captured onto tape (Fostex E16).

I was originally inspired by Iannis Xenakis and his experimental works Πιθόπρακτα which explore calculated velocity, pressure, temperature and percussive ventilation.  Download the patch for free here.

Note: I strongly recommend upgrading to MAX/MSP 8.1.10 (or above) to run this patch.