Working and Published Papers

Hide & Seek on Twitter and Facebook: How Greek Extremists organised on Social Media. Under Review, September 2021.

Golden Dawn’s Visual Diary – An Analysis of Content shared by Greek Extremists from 2012 to 2019, SSRN Papers, July 2021.

Outlawing Golden Dawn: Dealing with Right-wing Extremism in Greece, European Institute of the Mediterranean Yearly Review, June 2021.

The End of Golden Dawn, The Conversation / Hong Kong Journal of Law and Public Affairs, January 2021.

Selected Media Engagement

We’re Sexist, Kathimerini, February 2021.

Trump, Europe, Authoritarianism, Kathimerini, November 2020.

Golden Dawn’s Final Tango, Kathimerini, September 2020.

Covid-19 and the Far Right Response, LSE European Policy and Politics, July 2020.

Has the Coronavirus Proved a Crisis too far for Europe's Far Right Outsiders?, The Conversation, July 2020.

Black Lives Matter and Social Change, Kathimerini, June 2020.

The Rise and Fall of Panos Kamenos, Huffington Post, January 2019.

From Nairobi to Aegean Sea: A Year in the Refugee Crisis, CNN International, March 2017.

Trump’s Grotesque Relations with New York’s Art Scene, CNN Greece, August 2016.


The Extreme Going Mainstream: An Investigation into Golden Dawn’s Online Activity from 2012 to 2019, King’s Colle London, PhD Thesis. Upcoming.

Investigating the Internal Impact of the Greek Debt Crisis on the Quality of Tertiary Education, King’s College London, MA Thesis. August 2018.

The European Referendum of 1975: An Analysis of Media Rhetoric, University of Westminster, MA Thesis. August 2015.