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The Greek far-right – a rising threat in the EU election storm. Kathimerini.
As the EU election rapidly approaches, several pollsters indicate a notable surge in support for Greek Solution, with Kyriakos Velopoulos attracting voters from both Niki and Spartiates.

Europe’s Center Right Is Enabling the Authoritarian Turn. Jacobin.
Ahead of June’s EU election, we’re again seeing alarmist rhetoric about far-right insurgents. But the authoritarian turn is happening already — driven by the conservative forces at the heart of the European institutions.

Could Taylor Swift stop the rise of the far right in Europe? Euronews.
The upcoming European election is a pivotal test for established political forces, notably in France and Germany, as they navigate uncharted territory for the first time since WWII, Georgios Samaras writes.

The Death of the Greek Left: A Political Tragedy. Verso.
Stefanos Kasselakis's victory in the SYRIZA leadership contest marks a traumatic break from the party's political traditions, raising the question: where does the Greek left go from here?

The Greek Left: Into the Ice Age? El Pais. It has been more than two months since the Greek general election on June 25th, which took place in an intensely polarized political climate. The outcome dealt a severe blow to the Greek left.

In the most recent election, Greek far right made a sinister comeback. Euronews.
An obscure extremist party's surprising result represents uncharted territory for Greece as it grapples with the resurgence of extreme right-wing ideologies just three years after the conviction of Golden Dawn, Georgios Samaras writes.

Greece’s ‘Watergate’ explained. The Conversation. After Greece and the European Central Bank agreed post-economic-crash bailout terms in 2010, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) published a 146-page report outlining all the key state problems that were seen as having caused the fiscal crisis.