Dr Georgios Samaras
Assistant Professor of Public Policy
Int’l School for Government
The Policy Institute

georgios.samaras [at] kcl.ac.uk
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7848 7325

40 Aldwych
Bush House - North East Wing
King’s College London
Room 8.09

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For media enquiries, PhD supervision, academic collaborations or to say hi:

georgios.samaras [at] kcl.ac.uk

If you are interested in pursuing a PhD under my supervision, I kindly request that you reach out to me to initiate a discussion regarding your ideas or proposal. It is advisable to engage in this conversation before submitting an application to study at King's College London.

Currently, I am actively seeking researchers who are passionate about studying policy responses aimed at addressing the issue of European far-right extremism. Additionally, I am open to considering proposals that center around the investigation of various far-right political parties and the ideologies they espouse.